Preparing your product for successful shipment and receiving by Amazon Distribution Centers is critical to your business.

FBA Shipment Preparation


What is Our FBA Prep Service?

Our standard prep service includes reboxing and shipment to FBA center, with a maximum of 10 outgoing boxes included, additional small fee for extra boxes. We are your quality control – we will provide a free basic inspection with our standard FBA prep service fee, free of charge. No monthly fees, no subscriptions, our service is simple and laid out in every step of the process for your ease of use. We include e-mail support and are easy to reach as well as contact for any questions you may have.


Stickering with your ASIN/FNSKU/UPC/EAN

We will print and attach UPC/EAN/ASIN or FNSKU stickers to every item or polybag in your order. This is required so Amazon can identify the item, as well as the owner of the item. In the event you have your product manufactured with a sticker that conflicts with Amazon’s requirements, we can remove it for you.



Polybagging & Packaging

We will put each product into an FBA-approved polybag. This is required if you have any loose items, or items that can come apart. We can assemble your custom packaging, drop in your product, and make your product complete. Collapsing packaging can save you plenty on international shipments of products. Our facility will mix and match your items together into any configuration you’d like.


FREE Warehousing 

Saves you time and money by eliminating the need to rent warehouse/storage /office, packing material, employees, office utilities and gas and other unnecessary expenses. We provide FREE warehousing for 60 days to manage your inventory carefully and save your rental fees in the most cost-effective way.